Ross Dillon was a twenty-five year old competitive road bicyclist out on a training ride when he was catastrophically injured by an inattentive driver who drove into the bike lane where he was riding. One week later, Ross’s family was told by physicians that Ross had only a 5% chance of any recovery from his comatose condition. After many surgeries and a year of hospitalization, Ross’s family brought him home; the discharge diagnosis was Persistent Vegetative State. The Dillons, acting on faith and love for their son, believed that Ross would do better at home with care that could not be provided in the hospital.

The name Go Home Foundation was chosen because Ross frequently used those words two years later when he started to talk. Many times a day, he would say, “Go home”. For Ross the expression meant many things. Similarly, the goal of the Go Home Foundation is both for Ross’s rehabilitation, and to provide encouragement and information so that other brain injured patients can also Go Home.

The Fund Purpose is to provide an appropriate vehicle of giving for the support of the Dillon family’s traumatically brain-injured son, Ross, and to support the families of other TBI patients. Primarily, the need is to sustain care and rehabilitation for Ross now and into the future. Secondarily, the hope is to develop resources on all levels for families who have the courage not to warehouse their brain injured loved one, but instead to bring them home where they are surrounded by love, and have the best rehabilitation and healing environment.

How you can contribute

You can make a tax-deductible contribution to the Go Home Foundation by sending a check made payable to WaterStone (please write Go Home Foundation-10760 on the memo line) to:

WaterStone Support Foundation, Inc.
10807 New Allegiance Dr., Ste. 240
Colorado Springs, CO  80921

WaterStone will send you a receipt for your charitable contribution.

If you wish to make a credit card donation or an electronic check transfer, you may do so HERE. Remember you are making a gift to the Go Home Foundation.